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Founded in 1963 by Gaspare Terranova, the firm extends itself over a surface area of 9000 mq and can boast more than 30 years experience in the design and construction of lift winches.

The company currently employs 50 people and it is equipped with modern machinery such as CNC machine, a sophisticated standard room and new room for winch testing and quality control. Punctual delivery, reliability and the 24 models currently marketed have allowed Nuova MGT to grow with its customers and to develop new markets. As a matter of fact, the company is today present in all the elevator field main international markets.

Being convinced of the priority of its Quality standards and in order to ensure such results for its benefit and that of its customers, Nuova MGT applied and has been certified with a Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001.
The accomplishment of this certification plays a significant role in our Organisation is significantly important, because it enables us to offer our customers a first class and reliable service. Moreover the System of Quality permits us to implement an organisation able to perform appropriate procedures and use proper resources, to define the responsibilities in order to keep the desired quality and to offer our customers the highest transparency thus ensuring the customer's satisfaction in the long run.

NUOVA MGT S.r.L. Bologna
Sede Amministrativa: Via Cą dell’Orbo, 27
Sede Produttiva: Via Cą dell’Orbo, 20/27/28
40050 Villanova Bologna (Italy) Tel. +39 051 780 196 · 780 022 · 780 199 · 780 017 · 780 541
Fax +39 051 780 361 u.t. · Fax +39 051 781 621
WEB SITE: · E-mail:
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